About Jive Cannabis Co

Quality, Compassionate Care

Jive was founded on the ethos to create a top shelf product that will help end users in their daily lives.

Cannabis and Healing

We offer a broad array of cannabis strains geared to address illnesses and injuries. 

Check out our list  of strains!

Our Promise to You

Purchasing a Jive product will mean you're purchasing a strain that has been given the time and attention needed to thrive into a top quality product. 

Each  plant is hand watered to ensure it receives only what it needs.

Committed to Success

Jive Cannabis Co is a fully licensed cultivator within the state of Oklahoma.


The ownership team at Jive  collectively has over 35 years experience in the cannabis industry.


Not only is Jive geared to cultivate products from superior strains found around the country, Jive is invested in creating new strains to help those in need.

Stay tuned for new strains dropping!

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